A basic FPS game that will be open world-ish

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Latest post - 5/28/2022, 1:55 AM

Homelands is a first person shooter that is currently in development. Since I have only got enemies and weapons working, I have turned it into a basic arena game so there is something to show off while larger stuff gets worked on in the background.

The game (or at least, the plan for it) will have the player traversing small open levels of real world and fictional areas trying to untie surviving humans against a common enemy: the zombies... Or so they think.

The player will build small forts and supply troops with food as they lead the world into a position to retaliate, meanwhile the monsters seem to have their own method of growing stronger.

You can find the game available here. It's still in pre-alpha, so just know its not much of a "game" since I'm working mostly on the mechanics