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Latest post - 8/4/2023, 9:22 PM

Alec needs a job! (to eat)

Haha this new editor is pretty cool devlup staff, when was this even added?

Website Stuff

I made my website look a little prettier, and I plan to add some stuff to it. That's always how it goes though - you always plan and plans are forgotten because you're hungry. Hungry for cinnamon rolls.

Houdini Stuff

Maybe I'll update here, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just pull a this-is-why-social-platforms-don't-want-you-to-link-stuff and just link to you an article on my website. my better website.

Take that William. I called my github pages site that has inline css organized like it just spat out of a wood chipper better.

Unreal Stuff

Some other third thing.


(p.s. let's see if images work:)

alt text you won't read

aww heck yeah