Gravitational Tetris

A weird mix of Tetris and the gravitation potion from Terraria. Made using my custom game engine.

Dev Logs

Latest post - 9/30/2023, 3:31 AM

Gravitational Tetris

The game now uses a custom engine! Original game jam version can be found on the original-fna branch of the Github repo.

This game was made for the DevLUp 2023 Wargames game jam and can be found here on!

The theme was Upside-Down.


How to play

Instead of directly controlling the Tetris shapes, you control them by moving your character.
Additionally, clearing tiles is done by matching colors instead of creating a full row of tiles.

WASD to move.
QE to rotate.
Space to reverse gravity and place block.

3rd party assets

Custom game engine, gameplay code and art was created by me (Exanite).

Diligent Engine - Rendering Framework:

SDL2 (C) - Windowing Library:

SDL2-CS (C#) - Windowing Library:

Arch ECS:


Myra UI:

Fiery Turk - Font:





Swishes - SWSH 17, Swish, Combat, Weapon.wav:

Swishes - SWSH 19, Swish, Combat, Weapon.wav:

Swishes - SWSH 20, Swish, Combat, Weapon.wav: